Staffing Services

It’s no secret that staffing issues loom large in the care sector – and the shortage of care workers is something that isn’t likely to be leaving us any time soon.

We believe that the never-ending hunt for people can come to an end – with the help of qualified, well-trained caregivers from English-speaking markets overseas.

You’ll stabilize your workforce and reduce your reliance on overtime, agencies, and unreliable casual labour, by recruiting and on-boarding hard-working, qualified foreign workers to join your team.

Our ICCRC-certified team of Immigration Consultants will help you simplify the recruitment, registration, and documentation of qualified people, while assuring that you stay on-side with ever-changing government regulations affecting temporary foreign workers in every province where you do business.

Here’s the process:

  1. You decide how many FTE’s are needed to be filled.
  2. We will recruit workers overseas for you, in two categories: General Helpers (emerging HCA’s), and Advanced Training Helpers (employees who hold advanced training and experience in fields such as nursing).
  3. You decide the mix of General Helpers and Advanced Training Helpers that you’d like to recruit.  They will both be recruited on student visa’s who have a maximum productivity of 0.5 FTE’s during training.
  4. Recruits arrive in Canada and begin working part time for you, as they attend HCA training at a local college. Intakes are monthly.
  5. You have the option at any time to fast track any employee to take the HCA licensing exam.
  6. Labour market impact assessments are generated (and approval obtained) prior to the graduation date of each intake of students.
  7. Employees/students graduate and pass their provincial licensing exams, and commit to a 2-year full time engagement with your company.
  8. Employees who fail to pass the HCA licensing exam can enter a special 12 week upgrading course.