Recovery Support

Seniors with multiple chronic conditions often have difficulty returning home upon discharge from hospital. 

  • In addition to managing recovery of the underlying health condition, they soon encounter the logistical challenges of following up with doctors and at-hospital specialists – sometimes too difficult for the frail to successfully navigate.
  • While pre-discharge re-admission risk assessments (such as the LACE Score) identify and manage those patients whose health may not be optimal for release to home, it’s fair to assume that for every patient who is identified as high risk for imminent re-admission, there are others who are near the line – where a judgement call had to be made.  

Recovery Support enhances the recovery of recently-discharged patients, by providing caregivers with insight into emerging health changes via trends observed in the patient’s ADL’s. 

The evidence-based data helps confirm or initiate changes in levels of care, while enabling labour-efficient, individualized support.

  • For home care providers – this means increasing the efficiency of the care you provide, while providing individualized care and improved outcomes
  • For physicians – this means patient care is delivered to those who can’t make it to the clinic for post-surgical evaluation
  • For recovering seniors and their families – this means attentive care that supports real needs, in real time

Staffing efficiencies can be achieved, via case-focused resource deployment, centralized monitoring, and optional integration with family engagement programs – effectively extending your care resources while enhancing the quality of care.

Create informed care plans.

ADL monitoring is customized to the needs of the patient, and can include items such as: sedentary sleep patterns, sleeplessness, night time falls, sedentary lifestyles, erratic eating habits, unusual bathroom activities, medication compliance, home security, and other behavioural changes that could indicate emerging conditions that need attention.Intelligent analytics give you visibility to significant changes in daily routines, and help you stay ahead of emerging health problems.  Equipped with better insight, care providers can partner with families physicians to create and monitor plans that work best for the recently discharged patient.

Provide cost-efficent care.

With better awareness of your patient’s around-the-clock activity, you can immediately identify and respond to their needs. 

Services available to support individual clients and groups of clients, using the same dashboard and app.


Respond to pre-defined patient needs quickly, via real-time alerts.  



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