6 Questions to Assess Malnutrition Risk

Statscan estimates that 34% of seniors are at risk of malnutrition.

Pamela L. Ramage-Morin and Didier Garriguet published an insightful article that explained that items such diminished appetitite and changes to the taste and smell senses also play a role (beyond the ‘cooking and eating for one isn’t fun’ factor).  Compounding these factors, are appetite and/or nutrition suppressing medications.

Inspired by their research, here’s six questions to help you assess if the Senior in your life is at risk of experiencing malnutrition:

  1. Does the senior eat most meals alone?
  2. Does side effects of prescribed medications include appetite suppression?
  3. Does the senior have mobility limitations – inside the home?
  4. Does the senior have mobility limitations – outside of the home?
  5. Does the senior have financial limitations that restrict purchasing nutritious food?
  6. Does the senior experience depression or periods of loneliness?

…if you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it may be useful to explore how you might help provide support for your Senior.

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