<font face="impact" size="6" color="WHITE"><b>ENHANCING CAPACITY TO SUPPORT SENIORS.</b></font>


Because care is high touch, personal, and necessary…

We provide ‘care multipliers’ – services and tools that have the effect of:
Increasing quality of care

We provide services that help free-up time for more care-hours to be deployed where they can do the most good, as well as stabilizing your workforce with skilled out-of-market workers.

We extend the efficiency of home care providers by providing care-of-home services, groceries, and other personal services for their clients – allowing 100% focus of nursing hours on nursing issues.

Increasing Capital Efficiency

Our Home Recovery services help homecare providers deploy resources most effectively on the frontline of caregiving.


Services & Programs

We provide care multipliers in the areas of:


We will help care providers stabilize their workforce and reduce their reliance on overtime, agencies, and unreliable casual labour.  By guiding them through the process of recruiting hard-working, extremely qualified foreign workers we help increase workforce efficiency and improve the quality of care. more…


We know that strengthening home and assisted living requires integration with all of the health care services that the senior receives. All health care providers need to work together.  To achieve this goal, we help care providers focus their resources on the delivery of care, while we support their patients with quality-of-living-enhancement services, including housekeeping, home maintenance and repair, meal and grocery delivery services. more…


The patient’s ability to complete their activities of daily living is an important indicator of recovery.  We provide caregivers with intelligent analytics that give them visibility into changes in a patient’s daily routines to help them manage recovery most effectively. Equipped with this detailed insight into emerging recovery, caregivers can partner with the patient, their families, and physicians to create – and monitor care plans that move the patient down the Clinical Frailty Scale. more…


Statscan estimates that 34% of seniors are at risk of malnutrition.  Our Clover Groceries line helps seniors living at home manage an effective diet, by delivering affordable, nutritious groceries on a weekly basis. more…

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